Omonia Youth FC’s Midweek Matches Show No Task Too Big for the Club at the Business End of the Season (28/04)

April 30, 2024

Omonia Youth FC, a community football club sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd., celebrated a week of remarkable achievements across various age groups. Besides the U16 Girls advancing to the cup final, U13 Green aiming for an undefeated season, the focus was on the kids this week, further indicating the club’s dedication to fostering young talent.


U13 Green Maintains Unbeaten Streak: Omonia’s U13 Green secured a vital 2-0 win against AFC Southgate in a tense encounter. Coach Jack Markou, Manos Hadjimanolis, and Andy Stavrou lauded their team’s composure and patience. A scrappy goal by Lysanthros followed by a header from Ivan ensured a halftime lead. The Greens displayed maturity beyond their years, managing the game expertly to seal the win. With one league game remaining, they are on course for an undefeated season.


U8 White Ends Season on High: Coach Cos Constantinou’s U8 White team concluded the season with a commanding performance in a thrilling encounter. Emphasising pressure and possession, the team executed their game plan flawlessly, capitalising on mistakes and showcasing superb finishing. Despite early setbacks in the season, the team’s resilience and cohesion bode well for future success.


U16 Girls Triumph Against Odds: Despite facing adversity, Omonia’s U16 Girls displayed remarkable resilience in a hard-fought 2-1 victory. Missing several key players and battling injuries, the team showed immense determination throughout the match. With Shekhinah and Ella finding the net, they secured a spot in the senior shield cup final. Coach Sophia Karanicholas and Samuel Arthur praised the girls’ grit and teamwork, underscoring their quality in challenging circumstances.


U9 Wildcats Show Promise: Coach Athanasia Petrou commended the determination and confidence of Omonia’s U9 Wildcats following their impressive performance. The team’s strong start and continued improvement throughout the match reflect their dedication and hard work on the training ground. While there are areas to refine, the players’ commitment and progress offer promising prospects for the future.


U15 White Secures Deserved Victory: Despite recent setbacks, Omonia’s U15 White team bounced back with a hard-fought 2-1 win. Captain Andre’s leadership and the team’s disciplined performance were instrumental in securing victory. Despite facing challenges and adversity, the players exhibited resilience and determination, highlighting their character and resolve. The first half saw an early lead through a poacher’s finish from Kordian, with Andre’s shot being spilled by the goalkeeper. Despite conceding from a direct free-kick, the team dominated possession and created numerous scoring opportunities. The second half mirrored the first in terms of intensity, with Omonia’s relentless pressure finally paying off with a scrappy finish from Andre after a clever cross by Nicholas. The victory was a testament to the team’s spirit and unity, with each player contributing to the hard-fought win. Coach Kyri Eleftheriou and Myri Demetriou praised the players’ perseverance and commitment, emphasising the importance of such victories in shaping their character and fostering a winning mentality.

U9 Green Ends Season on High Note: Omonia’s U9 Green team concluded the season with a standout performance, showcasing a blend of tactical awareness and technical skill. Facing formidable opponents, the boys executed the game plan meticulously, pressing hard and demonstrating bravery in their passing. Coaches Neil Golding and Alvin Doondeea praised the team’s progress and camaraderie, setting a positive tone for future tournaments and the upcoming season.


The weekend’s match reports reflect Omonia Youth FC’s unwavering commitment to excellence and development across all age groups. Despite facing challenges, the teams showcased resilience, teamwork, and skill, highlighting the club’s bright future. Omonia Youth FC continues to inspire young athletes and foster a culture of success and growth in the community.


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Written by Ali Emir on Mon 29 Apr