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  • Chairman’s Welcome

    Dear Omonia Youth FC family

    Welcome to another season, one which will take us into 2020 and the club’s 25th season.

    It is with pride and honour that I address you as Chairman of the club having been appointed at the club’s Annual General Meeting in July 2019.

    Now in my fourth year as Chairman, it is a role that I take seriously and a role I know carries a huge weight of expectation to continue the incredible work done by those who preceded me.

    As a club, 2019 was very special as we celebrated our 25th year in existence. From humble beginnings, the foundations that were laid and the vision of those who preceded us we now find ourselves a significant and important provider of football in our community.

    We have an important place in our local community and the young people whose football education is entrusted to us is only part of what we provide. We provide a sporting outlet, an opportunity for making life-long friends, a competitive environment but also somewhere where advice and guidance is offered to ensure that the next generation of young people have not only enjoyed their football through their Omonia Youth FC journey, but have also learned lifelong traits of respect, good manners and how to be a model citizens.

    As coaches, managers and adults who get to work with these young people we are fortunate to use our passion for the sport we love to pass on our knowledge to these young impressionable people.

    As Omonia Youth FC coaches and managers, administrators, helpers, we don’t get paid to work with these young people – we do it because we want to – and it is this altruism and selflessness that I admire. We are unselfish and generous in what we give to this club.

    I will always be grateful and I am humbled to have been asked to be your Chairman for the past three seasons and I hope what I have brought to the club has taken us forward.

    This past season has been joyous, tiring, exciting, eye-opening, frustrating, wonderful, time consuming and enjoyable. The whole range of emotions.

    So what has happened in the last year?

    First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to the members of the Management Committee – we are lucky as a club to have people who given up their own time to provide us with the year we have just enjoyed. Thank you all.

    This year, I am pleased to confirm that your Management Committee is made up of:

    Michael Pieri – Chairman Kyri Georgiou – Welfare
    Myri Demetriou – Joint Vice Chair Adam Demetri – Equipment
    Kyri Eleftheriou – Joint Vice Chair David Poncia – Coach Development
    Xenia Acar – Lead Secretary Harry Theodorou – Fixtures
    Mike Koumi – Secretary Alex Christofi
    Evagoras Mandrides – Secretary George Constantinou
    Demi Shiamishis – Treasurer George Sammoutis

    In addition, the Management Committee is supported by the club’s Trustees overseeing the Club and its objectives and together with the Management Committee its future strategies. This season, the Trustees committee is made up of:

    Andy Charalambous – Chairman Elia Constanti Nick Zimaras
    Kypros Kyprianou Joe Castignetti Tony Antoniou

    So, as a review of last season, what went well?

    There has been significant success on the pitch; promotions, cup semi-finals, finals and wins plus post season tournament success. One event I will mention was the Under 14 Green making it to the County Cup Final. Unfortunately, they couldn’t add to our five stars but it was an incredible effort nonetheless.

    Last season our young footballers wore their new shirts with two new sponsors. Huge thanks to PIA and Phillip Ross for supporting our club. A 25-year anniversary club badge also adorns the shirt in addition to the ‘Kick it Out’ logo on the sleeve, thereby entrenching and publicly acknowledging our view that we are a tolerant and inclusive football club that is against all types of discrimination.

    Whatsapp groups have been set up to allow a parents’ committee and a welfare committee to communicate effectively and to act on issues that required attention.

    Our website continues to get many hits and this year has seen nearly 100 prospective young footballers contact us via the website wanting to join our club.

    Girls football continues to be a success story during my time as chairman. We now have two teams who compete every week plus many more girls training.

    Our goalkeeper coach is popular and training is well attended; another success in that she is local, part of our community and another female coach.

    Our use of young and local referees is also pleasing; giving these young people the opportunity to further their skills and ambitions as well as getting paid for doing something they enjoy.

    We hosted another successful summer tournament which yielded much needed funds for the club. Responses from guests were brilliant – they loved the coaches ID badge and thought it was a well organised event. They of course loved the food that was available.

    During the club presentation day all our young footballers received a medallion commemorating the 25 year anniversary; again something that was positively received.

    We have again had extensive media exposure, and continuing a trend and tradition, Talksport was again a platform used to celebrate the club.

    We appear in Eleftheria and Parikiaki print editions every week and Parikiaki’s online edition too.

    We have over 1000 twitter followers

    We again held our Charity Football Match at Christmas raising money for a worthy cause.

    We have closer links with Omonia London FC

    I truly believe there is a liveliness around the club and we have gone from strength to strength.

    Omonia Youth FC is a community hub; a place where young people can come and make friends for life and learn to play the game they love. Every week last season over 400 children enjoyed training and matches. They were having fun and being with their friends. We put on many events and I genuinely believe it is a happy environment, an environment young people can develop their football but also grow as young people. And this is what I am most proud of about this club; it is more than about the football.

    The club’s roots, philosophy and core values are a fundamental reason why the club has been so successful for so long and remains a prominent sporting outlet for the youth of our community.

    The future of the club looks very bright as this season we will have more teams than at any time in the club’s history. For the 2019/20 season we have 31 teams from U8 to U18, a thriving Development Centre for U6 and U7 and two girls only team. In total there are over 420 young footballers affiliated with the club who wear the club’s crest with distinction every week during regular training sessions and organised matches which are both competitive and uncompetitive.

    The club’s standing in the community is amplified and via social media and local press, the positivity that radiates from the club is felt by all stakeholders.

    Finally, I want to take this opportunity to say how immensely proud I am that the club was nominated and awarded Middlesex FA’s ‘Respect Award – We Only Do Positive’ for the 2018/19 season. It is a great honour and vindication for the amazing work of so many people.

    I wish you all a happy and successful season. I look forward to working with you all and that together we can ensure that our club continues to be a positive force for good in our community.

    We have an incredible responsibility having been entrusted with the football development of so many young people. It would be remiss were we not to ensure we give these young people the best opportunities and the best experiences. Working together towards this common goal, I know we can guarantee the young footballers in our care enjoy their Omonia Youth FC journey.

    Michael Pieri


    (September 2019)

  • Club Ethos

    Club Ethos – ‘Football for All’

    The core, overriding principle of Omonia Youth Football Club is ‘football for all’.

    This all-encompassing philosophy exists to ensure the children whose football development has been entrusted to the club benefit from an environment that is both safe and compassionate.

    In addition there are areas where all those involved in running individual teams, as well as officers of the club, need to adhere to:

    • The welfare of the child comes first.
    • Children must be treated as children, not as small adults.
    • Children are given a fair chance to compete and a fair chance of winning.
    • The coach is at liberty to constantly stretch and challenge the abilities of the child.
    • Reasonable demands can be made of the children, e.g. punctuality, standards of behaviour and the children can be expected to practice in their own time.
    • Participation at all times must be encouraged with an emphasis on skill development, athleticism, and development of the whole child socially as well as in a sporting context.
    • Competition is encouraged but not to the detriment of the above.
    • A win at all costs mentality is to be discouraged.


    Omonia Youth FC has an expectation that ALL children, irrespective of age, have a commitment to their sport, their club and their team and this includes their participation in all training and game sessions where possible.

    Omonia Youth FC values the role of sport and its contribution to overall human development by providing good quality footballing opportunities in a safe and positive environment.

    Our club promotes personal, professional, and social well-being through footballing experiences, regardless of an individual’s socio-economic status, age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

    This is encompassed by a positive community spirit expected of all.

    Finally and importantly a positive community spirit is expected by all.

  • Club Policies / Codes of Conduct / Photo Consent

    Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Players and Parents

    Omonia Youth FC values the role of sport and its contribution to overall human development by providing good quality footballing opportunities in a safe and positive environment.

    Our club promotes personal, professional, and social well-being through footballing experiences, regardless of an individual’s socio-economic status, age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

    Our Codes of Conduct set minimum standards of best practice for everyone associated with the club, coaches, players, parents/carers and volunteers.

    We must all aim to improve standards and protect the welfare and well-being of everyone involved in our club, in particular young footballers and those who are vulnerable.

    We must all strive to embody values, virtues and standards of excellence appropriate to our club setting. Ultimately, we must actively pursue our goals, realising the importance of our own, and our fellow participant’s commitment to uphold ethical duties and social responsibilities to others.

    At the beginning of every season, every coach, player, parent and official has to read and sign a code of conduct.

    Omonia Youth FC is fully supportive of the FA Respect campaign and details of each person’s responsibilities are listed in the appropriate code of conduct sections, full details are available on the FA web site:

    If you have any concerns regarding respect or welfare issues please contact the Club’s Welfare Officer.

    • Code of conduct for player, managers, parents and spectators can be downloaded from here
    • Photo Consent Form can be downloaded here
  • The Omonia Youth FC Way (Coaching advice and guidance)

    An Omonia Youth FC Coach:

    What we look for:

    Required minimum qualifications:

    • FA Level 1

    • Attend at least one FA qualification / CPD course per year.

    • First Aid (Sports) qualification.

    • FA Safeguarding

    • CRC (Criminal Record Check)

    Skills and Attributes Required:

    Coaches should have the ability to:

    • Analyse ability levels and manage development of individuals + team as a whole.

    • Communicate clearly & effectively.

    • Design football training sessions which are fun, varied & stimulating.

    • Motivate participants.

    • Plan and organise sessions effectively.

    • Be flexible and adapt sessions at short notice.

    • Evaluate sessions delivered to identify future improvements.

    • Analyse own performance and manage own personal development.

    • Work as part of a team.

    • Effectively communicate with other stakeholders such as parents, opposition, referees etc.

    • Work with other team coaches, helpers & volunteers to ensure that a common understanding of each person’s role exists.

    • Ensure team’s development is managed in line with Club values & ethos.

    • Provide feedback on performance on a regular basis.

    • Familiarise self with any special needs of any players in the squad e.g. a medical condition.

    • Ensure all kit & equipment is well maintained & stored in the correct place.

    • Ensure Club Code of Conduct is being followed by other Coaches, Players & Parents; deal with any incidents of inappropriate behaviour

    • Be a role model and positive ambassador for the club

    Coaching for the future – your role as coach

    The future of football depends on imaginative and effective coaching. Your responsibility is to:

    • Make it fun

    • Make it safe

    • Ensure player use the ball

    • Be positive

    • Involve all

    • Be patient

    • Be a positive role model

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