Club Awards

Club Awards – Presentation Day

At the end of every season, the club organises a Presentation Day where every team gets together to award their players a trophy for their participation as part of the club.

Every team also awards a prize for the following:

  • Manager’s Player of the Season
  • Players’ Player of the Season
  • Top Goalscorer
  • Most Improved Player of the Season

In addition, the club has three special awards:

The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award

This is a special award named in memory of one of the club’s former players, Steven Toumbas, who in December 2008 died suddenly at the tragically young age of 20 years old. Since this unfortunate and very sad time, the club dedicated an annual award in memory of his name. The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award can go to any player or person associated with the club whereby nominations by managers and subsequent review by the committee will be assessed. The award winner receives a plaque in their name to keep.

Steven was a high achiever in sport, academically and also in his work life and his contribution to the club will always be remembered.

The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award

The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award is named after former Omonia Youth FC player and son of former chairman Kypros Kyprianou. The award was named after him as he had completely dominated the award during his 10 years at the club. Every year for the last five years Andreas has returned to award the trophy. This is only open to 9 and 11-a-side teams.

The Clean Sheets Award

This is awarded to the goalkeeper across all 9 and 11-a-side teams who has kept the most clean sheets.


The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award

Mary Tryphona

In December 2008 one of our former players Steven Toumbas died suddenly – he was just 20 years old. Since that unfortunate and very sad time, the Club decided to dedicate an annual award in his memory and name the award after him.

Steven was a high achiever in sport, in education and also in his work life. He was unfortunately taken from us at a very young age, and will always be remembered by the Club.

The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award can go to any player or person associated with the Club, who goes above and beyond for the benefit of the club and this year’s award goes to … Mary Tryphona.

Mary’s efforts and commitment to the children at Omonia have resulted in pretty much 5 girls teams being formed. Utilising her avid determination and influence, she has brought many girls to the club. She has also taken strides for the club in the lead coaching and coordinating role for our Pan -Disability Inclusive sessions, resulting in the creation of teams which have taken part and prospered in pan-disability football competitions, with the U12s even winning a summer tournament.

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Mary Tryphona is awarded the 2022-23 season Omonia Youth FC Steven Toumbas Achievement Award for ‘her efforts and commitment to the children at Omonia’

Mary is a true embodiment of the culture and spirit within Omonia Youth FC – going above and beyond to accommodate and enforce the ‘football for all’ ethos, all while also coaching her U12 Gold Tigers girls team.

The amount of time and dedication she puts into ensuring all of these run smoothly is testament to the kind of person she is, with a heart of gold.

“A personal thank you from me, Mary, as you have helped me greatly taking on the Pan-Disability role. I certainly appreciate you and am proud of you. This is well and truly deserved by you”, a quote from ex-Chairman Myri Demetriou who delievered the award to Mary on our Presentation Day.

The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award

Shekhinah Guti

This year’s Club Top Scorer goes to Shekhinah Guti (Omonia Youth FC U15 girls team coached by Sophia Karanicholas & Samuel Arthur) that has scored an amazing 46 goals this season, and could have been even more than that. A lovely young woman who is getting better year by year and yet remains very humble.

Congratulations to Shekhinah…an amazing achievement!


Shekhinah Guti is awarded 2022-23 season Omonia Youth FC Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award for scoring 46 goals this season

The Clean Sheets Award

Panny (U14 Green)

The club Clean Sheet Award was awarded to Pani Vianni (Omonia Youth FC U14 Green) this year. Pani, who has been with the club since U8, has developed into a brilliant goalkeeper and a wonderful young man.

Ex-chair Myri Demetriou added, “It’s a lonely position being a keeper and you have to make sure you keep focused throughout the match, because one lapse of concentration could lead to a goal conceded”.


The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award

Michael Pieri

Chairman Myri Demetriou said: “This year’s award goes to our former chairman Mike Pieri, who played a very big part in helping to raise the profile of our great club and ultimately assisted in landing us the award of Middlesex and National Grassroots Club of the Year 2021. An amazing achievement that will surely not be repeated.

Mike has given his time (blood, sweat and tears) and gone above and beyond to help this club get to where it is now during his 6 years as chairman and he been with the club for 10 years. So thank you Mike for all you have done, we are forever thankful and grateful.”

The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award

Louis Petrou

The Clean Sheets Award

Pani Yianni


The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award

Leo Panayiotou

The Clean Sheets Award

Christopher Panayiotou


The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award

Mary Koumouris

We always hear about children being resilient, being strong, and having the ability to take things in their stride. But we don’t always see it or hear about it. U16 Girls coach George Pantelides made us aware of one such case. This year’s Steven Toumbas Achievement Award recipient is a girl who has had to overcome some struggles, seen her mum diagnosed with a serious illness but who has never waivered in continuing to be the best that she can be. It has been a very tough time for her but she has remained committed to her football, continued to be positive and hardly missed any training or matches. She has been described as ‘a truly inspirational story’. It is therefore with great honour that we present the 2020 Omonia Youth FC Steven Toumbas Achievement Award to Mary Koumouris.


The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award

Mikey Poulli and Family

Determined and resilient, Mikey has shown even at his tender age even when the most difficult of obstacles that are put in front of you they can be overcome. Mikey is football mad, loves Arsenal and dreams of being a professional footballer. When he sadly lost his sight at the age of 7, that dream did not end.

In fact the dream continues and gathers pace. Mikey has shown incredible courage, resilience and determination to continue learning and developing his football skills as he continues his football journey.

Guided by his doting parents John and Mireille and with teh support of his younger brother Angelo, it is a truly heart-warming story and the fact that Omonia Youth FC played a small part in Mikey’s  football journey makes us proud as a club. This fact is also acknowledged by his parents and Mikey himself and I hope you all agree that it is fitting that 2019’s Steven Toumbas Achievement award should go to Mikey Poulli and his family.

The Clean Sheets Award

Stefanos Pieri (U14 White)

Club goalkeeper award

The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award


Club Player Longevity & Loyalty Award

Andoni Kyprianou and Charlie Constanti

Both these young men started their Omonia Youth FC journey when they were five years old, at the club’s development centre. Between them they have played hundreds of games for the club and this season their journey reached it’s end as they both played their last game for the Under 18 Green.

Thirteen. Years. Incredible loyalty with both young men proud to have worn our green shirt. A very deserving award to both.


Special Club Alumni Award

Harry Kyprianou (Southend United FC) & Anthony Georgiou (Tottenham Hotspur FC)

The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award

Kyri Georgiou

Kyri’s love for the club is unconditional and over many years he has done everything in his power to support and ensure the club is the best it can be. The first to help and the last to leave when the clear up begins!

Over many years in various roles, the institutional memory he has brought to the committee as Vice-Chair has been invaluable.

His advice is golden and his role in the decision making process has been vital. While arguments may rage around him, his skill in diplomacy and his sincere manner means he is listened to and rusted implicitly.

As a coach he is knowledgeable but most importantly he sincerely cares for the young people he is working with.

Kyri has wonderful ability to reconcile differences and seeing things from an alternative viewpoint and for all he is simply a man of generosity, genuine warmth and wisdom.

(l to r) Harry Kyprianou, Kyri Georgiou, Michael Pieri, Anthony Georgiou

The Clean Sheets Award

Demirhan Firat (U12)

The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award

Jamal Mohammed (U12)


The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award

George Stasi (U14)

The Clean Sheets Award

Luke Stelios (U15)

The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award

Charlie Christofi

For over a decade Charlie has served the club in various roles, not least as Treasurer for a number of years. Charlie’s enthusiasm and love for the club is well known and anyone who meets and talks to Charlie is immediately won over by his humour and sincerity; Charlie is truly one of the club’s great characters and in receiving the award, Charlie named several stalwarts of the club whose commitment since the club’s inception in 1994, endures to this day.


The Andreas Kyprianou Top Goalscorer Award

Carlos Simao (U15)

The Clean Sheets Award

George Georgiou (U18)

The Steven Toumbas Achievement Award

Joe Castignetti

For over 11 years Joe has been a manager, fixture secretary, committee member and trustee of the club. His selfless work for the club in various roles epitomises the community spirit the club and in a fitting end in their final match of their Omonia Youth FC careers, Joe’s U18 team in 2016 won the cup.

Joe Castignetti (l) with Charlie Christofi (r)

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