Omonia Youth FC Reflects on Wonderful Season: Cup Finals and Closing Eras (14/05)

May 14, 2024

Omonia Youth FC, a community football club sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd., celebrated a weekend of remarkable achievements, including securing victories in three out of four cup finals. Despite a challenging match between two Omonia teams, the spirit of competition and camaraderie prevailed, setting the stage for an exciting weekend ahead, with a roster packed with cup finals on the horizon.

U13 Green’s Upset in Cup Final: In the face of a loss in the Spring Cup final, Omonia’s U13 Green team displayed remarkable resilience and competitiveness. The second-half staging displayed their potential, promising a strong showing in their upcoming cup final next weekend. Coaches Jack, Manos, and Andy praised the team’s effort and expressed confidence in their future performance.


U16 Girls Clinch Double: Omonia’s U16 Girls secured a remarkable 6-2 victory, defeating their opponents in the Cup Final, completing a remarkable double for the season after securing the league title last week. For all injuries and setbacks, the team showed unity and determination, highlighting their progress and development throughout the season. Coaches Sophia and Samuel commended the players’ fighting spirit and exceptional performance, epitomising the club’s ethos of teamwork and dedication.

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U13 White’s Dominance in Junior League Cup Final: Omonia’s U13 White team delivered a commanding performance in the WFL Junior League Cup final, clinching a 7-3 victory. The early goals set the tone for an impressive display of skill and teamwork, culminating in a well-deserved win. Coach Nick and George praised the entire team for their outstanding effort and sportsmanship, reflecting the club’s values on and off the field.

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U16 Spring Cup Final Derby: In a highly contested Spring Cup final derby match, Omonia’s U16 White and Gold teams showcased their talent and determination. Despite falling short, the U16 Whites displayed exceptional football and sportsmanship, earning praise from coaches Panny, Mike, and Adam. The match highlighted the club’s commitment to player development and fostering a competitive yet supportive environment.

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Intra-Club Tournament Unites Young Talent: Omonia’s three U8 teams engaged in a friendly round-robin intra-club tournament, emphasising skill forming and camaraderie. The matches provided valuable experience and exposure to 7-a-side football to prepare for the step-up in format next season, stimulating a positive learning environment for the young athletes. Coach Cos Constantinou lauded the initiative, highlighting its importance in nurturing the next generation of football stars.

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U9 Wildcats’ Season Finale: Despite low numbers, Omonia’s U9 Wildcats ended their season on a high note with a positive and exciting match. The girls demonstrated determination and teamwork, showcasing their growth and potential under Coach Athanasia’s guidance. The match served as a testament to the club’s commitment to player development and fostering a love for the game.


U13 White Lions Secure Victory: Omonia’s U13 White Lions ended the season with a convincing 3-1 win, displaying great teamwork throughout the match. Coach Anthony and Tony praised the disciplined performance and acknowledged Gracie as the standout players’ player of the match. The victory symbolised the team’s progress and resolve, setting a positive tone for future seasons.


U18 Gold’s Penultimate Game: Omonia’s U18 Gold team concluded their league season with a 4-4 draw, reflecting on their journey and achievements. Despite missing players, the team showed determination, epitomising the spirit of Omonia Youth FC. Coach David and Savva expressed pride in the team’s journey and looked forward to their future endeavours.


Omonia Men II win the cup and celebrate with their friends & family.
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As Omonia Youth FC reflects on a weekend filled with victories, spirited matches, and commendable performances, anticipation builds for another exciting round of cup finals next week. The club’s commitment to excellence, development, and sportsmanship shines through in every match, setting the stage for continued success and growth. With eager anticipation, Omonia Youth FC embraces the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, confident in their ability to shine on the field once again.


Should you feel enthused and want to know more about Omonia Youth FC, you can contact the club via the form on our Contact Us page, email the club at, as well as following the club on X @OmoniaYouthFC, Facebook Omonia Youth FC and Instagram @omoniayouthfc1994.


Written by Ali Emir on Mon 13 May