Omonia Youth FC’s Weekend Showdowns of Emphatic Wins and Cup Upsets (10/12)

December 12, 2023

Omonia Youth FC, a community football club sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd., showcased a thrilling weekend of match reports. From the Lions’ gripping 3-2 victory to the U16 Pan-Disability team’s double triumph and the U13 White’s dominant display, the club’s diverse squads demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication.


Omonia U13 Lions Fight Valiantly in GSL Contest: In a gripping Girls Super League (GSL) match, Anthony Matas & Tony Stylianides’ Omonia Youth FC U13 White Lions faced a narrow 3-2 defeat. Ria and Olivia showcased their goal-scoring prowess with a goal each, contributing to a spirited performance. Despite fielding a small squad with only one substitute, the team delivered their standout performance of the season. Battling through adverse weather conditions, the girls displayed resilience, making it particularly unfortunate to concede the opponent’s winning goal during injury time in the second half. The entire team’s commitment and effort were commendable, with Amelie earning the well-deserved title of Player of the Match. Coaches Anthony Matas and Tony Stylianides, along with proud parents, praised the eight players for their exceptional dedication on the field. The U13 White Lions may have faced a loss, but their tenacity and teamwork left an enduring impression.


Omonia U16 Pan-Disability Claim Double Victory in Rainy Encounter: Omonia Youth FC U16 Pan-Disability team attended a friendly football session arranged by Middlesex FA for a fun day of football with views of the Wembley Stadium and its iconic arches. Zennon emerged as the standout player, securing two clean sheets after stepping into the goal. Despite challenging weather conditions, the team triumphed in both matches, showcasing exceptional teamwork. The U16 pan-disability squad celebrated a remarkable day on the field.


Omonia Youth U8 Silver Shine in WFL Clash: In their Watford Friendly League contest, Kyri Karaiskakis’ Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver demonstrated a remarkable shift in strategy. Recognising a tendency for the boys to shoot from challenging positions, the focus shifted towards teamwork, concentrating on assists and strategic passing. The response was nothing short of impressive, with four out of seven players netting two goals each. Notably, a previously nervous player took on the goalkeeping role for the first time, showcasing exceptional prowess by thwarting several opposition advances. The team’s collective effort left a lasting impression, making this match a source of immense pride for the dedicated manager and the parents of the boys.

Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver team



U13 Green in Cup Clash Against Premier Division Leaders: In a challenging Cup match, Omonia Youth FC U13 Green, led by Jack Markou, Manos Hadjimanolis, and Andy Stavrou, faced the formidable Premier division leaders, positioned two divisions above. Despite an admirable effort, they succumbed to a 5-2 defeat. Trailing 2-0 initially, the Greens demonstrated resilience, narrowing the score to 2-1 by halftime. Unfortunately, a momentary lapse in focus resulted in a 3-1 disadvantage early in the second half, setting the stage for an uphill battle. The boys showcased their competitive spirit, securing another goal, however, the match concluded with a 5-2 scoreline, leaving the team with heads held high in the face of a testing encounter.


U18 Gold Faces Challenge Cup Setback: In a demanding contest, Savva Zavros & David Poncia’s U18 Gold experienced a 2-1 loss in a keenly matched Challenge Cup match. Mustafa netted a crucial goal for the team, showcasing their offensive prowess. Despite a exemplary performance against the Red Division’s top team, the Gold side fell short due to two lapses in concentration that allowed the opponents to secure the victory. James emerged as the Player of the Match, highlighting his outstanding contributions. With the cup disappointment behind them, the team looks ahead to their upcoming league fixture before the Christmas break.


U9 Girls Exhibit Remarkable Team Spirit: In a spirited GSL match, Athanasia Petrou’s Omonia Youth FC U9 girls demonstrated boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm. The first half witnessed fluctuating fortunes, but as the girls began to heed each other’s advice, they successfully foiled the opposition. At halftime, strategic positioning adjustments by the coach elevated the team’s performance. This match marked a significant step as the squad united, zeroing in on fundamental skills. A proud moment for both coach and players, the team’s coalition and commitment to basics showcased their collective progress. Omonia Youth FC U9 girls truly left an indelible mark on the pitch, a testament to their growing prowess.

Omonia Youth FC U9 Girls



Dominant Display Propels U13 White to Victory: Nick Paraskeva & George Agrotis’ U13 White triumphed 4-1 in a WFL Green Division run-in. The team presented their effectiveness, with Zacki netting two goals, and Christoforo & Roman each contributing one. Theo emerged as the standout player, earning the coveted title of Player of the Match.

The first and fourth goals exemplified the squad’s dedication to their training, illustrating the strategic gameplay they’ve been honing. Roman initiated the scoring before halftime, securing his 24th goal of the season. Zacki extended the lead shortly after the break. Although the opposition managed to pull one back from a direct free kick, Christoforo’s goal and Zacki’s second sealed the victory.

The boys’ commitment to extra training paid off, culminating in an undefeated run that positions them at the top of the league as 2023 concludes. The impending Challenge Cup match against a Blue Division team promises to be an interesting test, providing insights into the squad’s development this season. Theo’s stellar performance as a centre-back, marked by crucial interceptions and skilful ball progression, underscored his status as the Most Improved Player from the previous season, confirming his consistent growth and contribution to the team’s success.


In an action-packed weekend, Omonia Youth FC’s match reports reveal a tapestry of triumphs, challenges, and unwavering team spirit. From the U13 White’s unbeaten run to the U9 girls’ remarkable cohesion, the diverse squads exemplify the club’s commitment to excellence. As we reflect on these contests, the positive strides made by each team signal a promising trajectory for Omonia Youth FC in the footballing arena.

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Written by Ali Emir on Mon 11 Dec