Omonia Youth FC’s Weekend Saga: Thrilling Victories, Determined Fights, and Heartwarming Inclusivity (19/11)

November 20, 2023

Omonia Youth FC, a community football club sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd., experienced a weekend of intense football clashes, showcasing the spirit of competition and resilience. From nail-biting victories to commendable displays of determination, each match unfolded a unique tale of passion and commitment, outlined in the match reports below.


Intra-Club Clash – U18 Gold Edges U18 Silver in Thrilling Challenge Cup Duel: In a tightly contested Challenge Cup match, Adam Demetri’s Omonia Youth FC U18 Silver faced off against Savva Zavros and David Poncia’s U18 Gold, resulting in a 0-1 victory for the Gold team. The lone goal came from Ky, taking advantage of a mix-up in the Silver defence. The match was marked by competitive yet spirited play, showcasing the long-standing camaraderie between the teams.

Player of the match honours went to Nassim, the goalkeeper for U18 Gold, who played a pivotal role in securing the win.

The Silver team’s Coach Demetri praised the fantastic game, acknowledging the closely matched skills on display. Reflecting on over 10 years of playing together, he extended credit to Omonia Youth FC and wished the Gold team success in the next round of the Challenge Cup.


Dynamic Display of Team Effort in Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver’s WFL Match: Kyri Karaiskakis’ U8 Silver team engaged in an end-to-end battle, showcasing impressive individual performances in their Watford Friendly League (WFL) match. Despite a slight breakdown in passing during the second half, the match emphasised the importance of teamwork.

“The boys’ relentless effort and commitment to giving their all make me proud as they learn valuable lessons for future success”, said Coach Kyri.

Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver team



Omonia U13 Green Showcase Grit in Thrilling 4-4 Cup Draw: In their Middlesex Cup match, under the guidance of Jack Markou, Andy Stavrou, and Manos Hadjimanolis, Omonia Youth FC U13 Green delivered a buoyant performance against a team two divisions above. Despite losing on penalties (8-7), the boys demonstrated both physical and mental strength, making a remarkable comeback four times in an exhilarating game. The match featured superb football from both sides, played in a great spirit.


U13 Golds Triumph with 3-0 Victory in WFL Match: George Constantinou and Andrew Demetriou’s Omonia Youth FC U13 Golds celebrated a convincing 3-0 win on the weekend. Demonstrating versatility, the team experimented with player positions, proving beneficial both individually and collectively. Although the first half saw missed opportunities, the Golds dominated throughout.

The second half of their WFL match showcased improved play, with intricate combinations, overlapping movements, third-man runs, and a barrage of shots on goal. Mal, Aiden, and Camilo each contributed with a goal, propelling the team to a well-deserved victory. Learning from past experiences, the boys remained focused, avoiding complacency, and secured a comfortable win, marking a return to their winning ways.


Tenacious Opponents Dash Hopes for Chris Gregoriou’s Omonia Youth FC Men I: In their hard-fought Middlesex Cup match, Chris Gregoriou’s Men First team faced a 0-1 defeat against a determined opposition. Despite an improved second half and relentless pressure, the team couldn’t overturn the early deficit.

The opponents’ hunger proved decisive, leaving Omonia to regroup and refocus for future challenges.


Omonia Youth FC U12 Pan-Disability team won their category in the Herts Youth Football Tournament (see more below)



Determined U9 Girls Show Promise in GSL Match: Omonia Youth FC U9 Girls, led by Kyri Karaiskakis and Athanasia Petrou, displayed newfound enthusiasm in their Girls Super League (GSL) match on the weekend.

Despite a challenging first half with organisational difficulties, the girls showcased impressive determination. Coach Petrou’s half-time instructions spurred a much-improved second half, where the team worked cohesively.

Demonstrating great promise, the girls are on a positive trajectory under the guidance of their coaches.


Omonia Youth FC U11 White Wildcats Begin to Roar: Also in the GSL, guided by coaches Ali Emir and Tony Sylvan, the Omonia Youth FC U11 White Wildcats maintained their momentum, demonstrating growing self-belief and sisterhood. Building trust and belief in each other, the girls embraced a confident aura fuelled by a solid pre-game warm-up. Despite facing moments of pressure, Coach Ali remained confident in the Wildcats’ ability to recover and handle challenges. Reflecting on the team’s progress, he expressed satisfaction witnessing the girls tap into their vast potential. The commitment to providing the right guidance at Omonia Youth was evident, contributing to the Wildcats’ success and positive development.


Valiant Effort by Omonia U13 White Despite Absences in 3-0 Middlesex Cup Encounter: In their Middlesex Cup clash, Nick Paraskeva and George Agrotis’ Omonia Youth FC U13 White faced a formidable task against a team three divisions above and currently holding the 4th spot in the top division. Despite missing their top goalscorer due to illness and conceding an early soft goal, the team persevered.

Facing further setbacks with their key playmaker forced off due to injury, the boys battled gallantly, matching their higher-ranked opponents until the dying minutes. The score remained 0-1 until the 86th minute, when two exceptional long-range strikes sealed the opponent’s victory.

Despite the loss, the U13 Whites left the pitch with heads held high, proud of their efforts. Reflecting on what could have been, they gave a tough fight, leaving a memorable mark on their opponents and showcased commendable perseverance.


Omonia Youth FC U14 Green Displays Valour in 3-4 Battle with 10 Players: In a challenging fixture with only 10 players, Samuel Arthur and John Frangou’s Omonia Youth FC U14 Green exhibited resilience and determination, ultimately losing 3-4 in a hard-fought contest. The team, awarded collectively as the Player of the Match, faced the difficulty of executing tactical plays with a numerical disadvantage.

Despite the odds, the boys initiated a pressing game early on, gaining control and leading 2-1 at halftime. The momentum continued into the second half with a brilliant headed goal by Jakub, extending the lead to 3-1. However, fatigue set in, and the opposition capitalised with quick successive goals, eventually securing the lead.

Despite the loss, the team’s effort and character shone through. Encouraging each other on the pitch, the boys displayed unwavering determination, leaving their coaches, John and Samuel, proud of their hard work and commitment. The boys were devastated when the final whistle blew, however the team’s strength and display of character marked testament to one of their most challenging matches.


Plenty Smiles for Omonia’s Inclusive Teams at Herts Youth Football Tournament: In a heartening display of football, Myri Demetriou and Kyri Eleftheriou stood in for Mary Tryphona, overseeing Omonia Youth FC U12 and U16 Pan-Disability & Inclusive teams in the Herts Youth Inclusive Football Tournament at Watford FC’s Training Dome.

The U12s clinched victory in their category, supported by Berhamstead players, while the U16s also impressed with four wins and one loss, narrowly missing the winners’ trophy on goal difference.

The teams exhibited outstanding teamwork, scoring remarkable goals, and, most importantly, played with infectious smiles throughout the tournament. A day to be proud of for each player involved.

Omonia Youth FC U16 Pan-Disability team



Omonia Youth FC’s weekend of match reports unfolded a tapestry of triumphs, determination, and inclusivity. The players showcased not only their skills on the field but also the resilient spirit and sportsmanship that define the essence of community football. As Omonia Youth FC continues to forge ahead, these stories of passion and commitment provide a glimpse into the bright future of these aspiring athletes.


Should you feel enthused and want to know more about Omonia Youth FC, you can email the club at, via the form on our Contact Us page on the club’s website, as well as following the club on X @OmoniaYouthFC, Facebook OmoniaYouthFC and Instagram @omoniayouthfc1994.

Written by Ali Emir on Mon 20 Nov 2023