Omonia Youth FC’s Christmas Finale Caps Off a Stellar Year on the Pitch (17/12)

December 22, 2023

Omonia Youth FC, a community football club sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd., experienced a weekend of remarkable contests and displays. From the U18 Gold team’s convincing 6-1 victory to the tenacity of U15 White to come back from behind, the match reports reflect the exceptional talent and teamwork within the club. Join us as we delve into the highlights of an eventful weekend on the pitch.


Omonia Youth FC U13 Green Triumphant in Challenge Cup Clash: Omonia Youth FC U13 Green, led by Jack Markou, Manos Hadjimanolis, and Andy Stavrou, secured a remarkable 5-1 victory in their Challenge Cup match. Despite conceding an early goal within the first 5 minutes, the team presented exceptional attitude and composure throughout the game. The boys’ outstanding performance, from defence to attack, reflected their determination and prowess. The final score of 5-1 is a testament to their talent, overcoming a team from a higher division. As the year concludes, Omonia Youth FC extends warm wishes for a joyful Christmas and a healthy New Year to all supporters.


Dominant Omonia Golds Secure 6-1 Victory in WFL Encounter: In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Omonia Youth FC U18 Gold, led by David Poncia and Savva Zavros, won with a resounding 6-1 victory in a Watford Friendly League (WFL) match. Despite the challenge of missing key players due to injuries, the Golds entered the contest with a resilient squad of 12 players.

The first half showcased the Golds’ gradual acclimatisation, taking almost 35 minutes to find their composure. A defining moment occurred just before halftime, as Nathan Koopman’s exceptional free-kick from outside the 18-yard box earned a 1-0 lead.

The halftime break proved instrumental for reflection and strategic adjustments. The second half witnessed a transformed Golds team, exhibiting control, composure, and relentless pressure on the ball. Ky Zavros and Nathan Koopman stole the spotlight, each contributing three goals to the scoreboard.

Nathan Koopman’s stellar performance earned him the well-deserved title of Player of the Match. With this impressive win, Omonia Golds conclude 2023 with an unbeaten record in the league, affirming their dominance in the Watford Friendly League.

Omonia U18 Gold team


Omonia Youth U13 White Ends 2023 Victorious with Dominant 2-0 Win in Challenge Cup: Nick Paraskeva and George Agrotis’ Omonia Youth U13 White succeeded with a 2-0 result in a testing Challenge Cup 2nd round match. Roman and Omer demonstrated their goal-scoring prowess, securing a goal each, while the standout performance earned Kernius the well-deserved title of Player of the Match.

Facing opponents from the Blue division, a tier above, the Omonia boys asserted their dominance, leaving little room for doubt about their developmental progress midway through the season. Despite the 2-0 scoreline, the Omonia squad’s command of the game suggested a potential for a more substantial victory, as they showcased their ability and teamwork.

This victory marks the team’s impressive 14th win out of 15 games in all competitions this season, with their sole defeat coming against a formidable Red division team in the Middlesex County Cup. As they enter the new year, Omonia Youth U13 White stands at the top of their league, undefeated, and eagerly anticipates the upcoming challenges, including the Quarter Final of the Junior League Cup on January 7, 2024. With a triumphant 2023 behind them, the future looks bright for Omonia White.

Omonia U13 White Team


Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver Display Team Unity: In the final fixture before the holiday break, Kyri Karaiskakis’ Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver exhibited an exceptional display on the pitch. The team demonstrated unwavering determination, disrupting their opponents from settling and honing their passing accuracy. Although decision-making was lacking in the initial half, a timely reminder saw a remarkable turnaround in the second. The players embraced the importance of strategic choices, maintaining possession throughout the latter period. The match highlighted their evolving synergy, transitioning from a group of individuals to a cohesive team. A truly impressive conclusion to the season, promising exciting prospects for Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver.

Omonia U8 Silver Team


Dominant Display in Omonia U16 Girls’ Convincing 6-0 Victory: In a remarkable performance, Sophia Karanicholas & Samuel Arthur’s Omonia U16 Girls display their prowess with a 6-0 win in a Hertfordshire Girls Football Partnership League (HGFPL) encounter. Shekhinah stole the spotlight, netting an impressive hat-trick, while Hallie, Niamh, and Amelia each contributed a goal, adding to the team’s commanding victory.

Following a hiatus due to numerous postponements, Omonia U16 Girls faced initial challenges in regaining momentum. However, a noteworthy second half witnessed a significant improvement, marked by dominant possession and a series of precise passes. Particularly outstanding was Niamh’s extraordinary goal—a sensational long-range strike from the outside of the box, making it her first of the season and a rare feat for a right back.

The defensive line, led by the exceptional Marley, secured a well-deserved clean sheet. The coaching staff expresses pride in the team’s stellar performance, highlighting Marley’s superb defensive contributions and the overall collective effort in this triumphant outing.


Omonia U15 Youth FC White Display Tenacity and Skill: In a thrilling WFL Red Division contest, Kyri Eleftheriou and Myri Demetriou’s Omonia U15 Youth FC White emerged victorious with a 2-1 win. The match exhibited a stellar performance, and the headline act was undeniably the dynamic duo of Andre and Nicholas.

Despite an unfortunate 1-0 deficit at halftime, the team’s resilience and strategic execution shone through. The players displayed unwavering discipline in maintaining their shape, demonstrating spirit, heart, and remarkable teamwork. The first half witnessed several missed opportunities, setting the stage for a second-half comeback.

Andre’s standout moment came with a breathtaking run from inside his own half on the left channel, culminating in a goal that equalised the score. The momentum swung in their favour, and a similar power-packed run by Andre, this time followed by an astute assist to Nicholas, sealed the victory. The players executed the game plan flawlessly, showcasing a combination of power, speed, and strategic play.

The team’s hard work in training and matches came to fruition, with every player delivering an incredible performance. The victory not only marked a crucial win but also reinforced the coaches’ belief in the team. The captain of the day, Andre, epitomised leadership with a stellar midfield display, protecting the defence, orchestrating play, and contributing with a goal and an assist. This commanding performance highlighted the team’s readiness for the challenges ahead in the season.

Omonia U15 White Team


In summary, Omonia Youth FC’s match reports exemplify the club’s unwavering commitment, exceptional skills, and triumphs across various age groups. The diverse victories, from the U8 Silver’s unity to the U16 Girls’ powerful 6-0 win, highlight the depth of talent within the club. As 2023 concludes, Omonia Youth FC stands proud, ready to face the challenges and successes that the new year promises. Omonia Youth FC would like to wish all their family and friends a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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Written by Ali Emir on Mon 18 Dec