Omonia Youth FC thrives, with a weekend of many impressive performances (05/11)

November 7, 2023


Omonia Youth FC, a community football club sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd., had an exceptional week on the field, with numerous teams showcasing their talent and determination.


Omonia Youth FC U16 Girls team Player of the Match Ellie, who also got to take home last season’s U15 League Winners’ trophy as the team are sharing amongst the players

U16 Girls Shine with a 5-2 Victory: Sophia Karanicholas and Samuel Arthur’s team secured a convincing 5-2 victory putting on a remarkable performance. Coach Sophia expressed her satisfaction, commenting, “An incredibly positive performance from the girls this week, against one of our biggest rivals! We alwa

ys seem to be low in confidence when playing this team, even though on a good day, we are probably the stronger side. Today we proved that.”

Right from the kick-off, the team displayed an abundance of energy, bringing a high level of intensity to the game. Their efforts paid off with an exquisite team goal from Hallie in the opening five minutes.

The passing game was pivotal as the coach instructed the girls to maintain possession with a maximum of five touches, keeping the ball on the ground and ensuring a minimum of four consecutive passes. The execution of this strategy was exceptional, showcasing a true team performance.

In terms of touch distance and pressing, the opponents were given no breathing room. The girls effectively stifled their rivals, rendering them a mere shadow of the formidable team they had faced in the past.

Ellie’s outstanding recovery runs and leadership in transitioning from defence to attack earned her the Player of the Match award. Shekhinah was the standout scorer, contributing four goals, while Hallie added one to seal the team’s 5-2 victory.



Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver team

U8 Silvers Display Decision-Making Prowess: In Kyri Karaiskakis’ U8 Silver team’s match in the Watford Friendly League (WFL), the primary emphasis was on improving decision-making. Coach Kyri adopted a hands-off approach on the sidelines, intervening only for words of encouragement. Despite a strong start by the opposing team, the boys quickly found their rhythm and seized control of the match through remarkable teamwork and precise passing. They demonstrated commendable decision-making throughout the game, learning valuable lessons from those that didn’t yield the desired outcome. The team’s resolute defence, especially under considerable pressure in the closing stages, was brilliant. Coach Kyri summed it up, stating, “A great team performance by the U8 Silvers!”


U15 White’s Lesson in Growth: In the U15 County Cup match led by coaches Kyri Eleftheriou and Myri Demetriou, their U15 White team faced a formidable challenge and suffered a 3-0 loss. Recognising the caliber of the opposition, Coach Kyri expressed his pride, saying, “Super, super proud of our boys today! It promised to be a challenging game beforehand, and so it proved.”

The first half provided a learning experience for both players and coaches. The opposition’s wingers and fullbacks maintained high positions on the pitch, utilising intricate overlapping and underlapping manoeuvres while cutting inside to bolster their midfield presence. The White team coped well with the situation but faced ruthless counterattacks when they lost possession or tried to gain territory with the ball.

Coach Myri noted, “When we did have possession of the ball, we were positive with it, played some nice passing combinations and created some half chances. We were also strong and aggressive in our challenges, which was necessary against such a strong side.” Despite the 3-0 deficit, there were positive aspects to take away at halftime.

During the break, tactical adjustments were made to enhance compactness and reduce touches in possession to counter the opponent’s high-pressing game. The team readily embraced these changes, adopting a deeper and more compact shape that nullified the opposition’s cutting inside and restricted them to long-range attempts. Exploiting the space behind the high defensive line of the opposition, the White team demonstrated an impressive pressing game from deep positions, creating clear chances in the second half, though they couldn’t capitalise on them.

Coach Kyri reflected, “In defeat, sometimes you can learn so much more and with such a mature display, the boys will have done so hugely today. So very proud of them all. We now need to take these lessons, work to improve where it is clearly necessary, and use these lessons as a positive for the season ahead.” Regardless the loss, the team’s resilience and adaptability showcased valuable learning experiences to carry forward into future challenges.


U18 Gold’s Dominance in County Cup: In the U18 County Cup match led by David Poncia and Savva Zavros, their U18 Gold team secured a dominant 5-0 victory. Leo, who scored two goals, was named the Player of the Match, while Nathan netted a remarkable hat-trick. Despite the challenge of a subpar grass pitch, the Gold team showcased their control and played some impressive football. Their most significant accomplishment was maintaining a clean sheet, securing their place in the next round of the tournament.



Omonia Youth FC U13 White Lions exchanging handshakes with their opposition at the end of their well-deserved victory in the GSL

U13 White Lions Secure Thrilling Win: Tony Stylianides’ U13 White Lions secured a hard-fought 3-2 victory in a friendly. The girls began strongly, pressing from the front and winning second balls. Ria opened the scoring for Omonia with a composed finish, followed by a sensational long-range strike from Izzy, which found the top corner.

With a 2-0 advantage, the team momentarily relaxed, allowing the opposition to equalise with goals on either side of half-time, bringing the score level at 2-2. However, the White Lions regrouped and regained their momentum, showcasing excellent ball movement and creating opportunities.

Sophia demonstrated remarkable composure when put through on goal, finding the bottom corner to secure the 3-2 win.

Aanya was named the Player of the Match for her outstanding defensive performance, which proved to be an essential factor in the team’s success.

Special commendation was given to the opposition players and coach for their exemplary attitude and behaviour throughout the game.



Omonia Youth FC U11 Wildcats White team with their opposition after an exhilarating match in the GSL

U11 Wildcats White Excel in Girls Super League: In the Girls Super League (GSL) match, led by Ali Emir and Tony Sylvan, the U11 Wildcats White continued their remarkable progress. The girls displayed exceptional improvement in skill, composure, and a growing willingness to take risks while developing trust in their teammates.

Coach Ali acknowledged, “the team still faces challenges in terms of confidence during 1v1 situations but we remain optimistic about gradual improvement over time”.

Coach Tony noted the increasing difficulty in selecting the Player of the Match, stating “many of the girls are blossoming despite the inconsistency in fixture scheduling of this league, and yet if Librarysome girls have off days, plenty others step up and contribute to the team’s progress”.


U13 Gold Returns to Winning Ways: Under the guidance of George Constantinou and Andrew Demetriou, the U13 Gold team triumphed with a 2-1 win in their WFL match. Camilo and Aiden each contributed a goal to secure victory. After a previous heavy defeat, the team bounced back, focusing attention on competitiveness and executing patterns of play with quality, particularly triangles and switching the play. Coach Andrew commended the overall dominance and quality of football displayed but noted “we struggled to finish off our chances which made the game tighter than it should have been”. Nonetheless, the win marked a return to form for the U13 Gold team, highlighting their resilience and commitment.


U13 White’s Exceptional Performance: In the WFL U13 Green Division match, directed by Nick Paraskeva and George Agrotis, the U13 White team delivered a resounding 6-0 victory over their strong opposition. Roman and Omer both netted two goals, while Alex and Christoforo each contributed one.
Anticipated to be their toughest challenge of the season, as their opponents were closely trailing in 2nd place, the boys approached the match with confidence. Coach Nick’s advise to his team, “to maintain composure and play with the freedom seen in training”, resonated well with the team.
From the opening whistle, the opposing team employed aggressive tackles in an attempt to stifle the U13 Whites, but it only served to galvanise the boys, who played some of their best football to date. Coach George praised their incredible teamwork and mutual support, adding “this group of boys have formed a special bond, both in terms of their football journey this season and the lasting brotherhood they are building for life”.
The man of the match accolade went to Alex, who excelled on the right wing and displayed noticeable improvement throughout the week. The U13 White team’s victory not only showcased their footballing talent but also their remarkable unity and camaraderie, setting the stage for a promising season ahead.



Omonia Youth FC Men I team striker Yianni Polycarpou bags his third hat-trick in as many games

Men I Team Triumphs in Challenge Cup: In the Roger Jones Challenge Cup match, led by Chris Gregoriou, the Men I team faced an apparently challenging encounter against opponents from a division four tiers below them. To adapt to the occasion, seven changes were made to the starting lineup from the previous week.

The game began sluggishly, and a deflected shot resulted in an early 1-0 deficit. However, Steven’s quality on the left wing paved the way for a swift equaliser as he crossed the ball in to Donaldo who instinctively found the back of the net to draw the score level.

Yet another lapse in concentration led to the opposition reclaiming the lead, making it 2-1. Recognising the need for change, halftime brought a shift in formation and substitutions, elevating the team’s performance.

The Men I team’s quality on the field surged as they took control of the game. Yianni netted the equaliser to make it 2-2, while Sertan displayed his prowess with a beautifully executed goal to put the men in the lead for the first time in the game. Yianni’s scored two additional goals to secure his third consecutive hat-trick.

Despite an overall patchy performance, Coach Chris commended the team for securing a 5-2 victory, propelling them into the next round of the Roger Jones Challenge Cup. The match proved to be a testing encounter, but the Men I team ultimately demonstrated their resilience and ability to adapt.



Omonia Youth FC U12 Silvers get ready with a team talk before their WFL match

U12 Silver’s First Win: In a pivotal WFL U12 Purple Division match, George Sammoutis and Angelo Siracusa’s U12 Silver team found themselves bottom of the table and desperately in need of a win. The Silvers marked a turning point in the league campaign, securing their first win of the season. The Player of the Match accolade went to Shay, realising his exceptional contribution.

The Silvers had faced a challenging season, languishing at the bottom of the league without a single victory. Despite their hard work and positive performances in recent games, they had fallen short each time. In preparation for this critical match, the coaching staff delivered a motivating pre-game talk, applying some pressure and impressing upon the players the need for a positive result.

The boys, seemingly motivated, began the game with determination, creating opportunities and attacking the opposition’s goal. Although they entered halftime trailing 1-0, they emerged in the second half with renewed intent, showcasing excellent football. The speed and precision of striker Andreas troubled the opposition, but their efforts to score continued to elude them.

In a game of ups and downs, the boys clawed a goal back through a convincing cross from Leo on the right wing, hitting an opposition defender and deflecting into goal, nevertheless a second stroke of bad luck saw the Silvers concede an own goal, swiftly returning a 1-2 lead in the opponent’s benefit. However, the boys’ attitude remained resolute. Nicolas Sammoutis, coming off the bench, injected fresh energy into the game with powerful runs down the right wing. It was a well-executed cross into the box that allowed Andreas to equalise, making it 2-2.

Despite relentless pressure from the opposition, the Silvers’ players refused to yield. The outstanding saves from goalkeeper Panos and brave defending by Kristian Zambas, Albion Veizaj, Max Pappaleontiou, Michael-Louca, and Kyri Kyriacou ensured that their goal remained protected.

Finally, fortune favoured the Silvers when Andreas’s shot on target forced the opposition defender to instinctively handle the ball on the goal line, resulting in a penalty. Nicolas Sammoutis coolly stepped up and slotted the ball down the middle to secure the third and match-winning goal.

Coach George expressed immense pride in the team, their first victory of the season marking a significant achievement. He looked ahead optimistically, emphasizing the team’s continued progress, stating, “Onwards and upwards.” This win provided a much-needed boost of confidence and morale for the U12 Silver team as they strive for further success in their season.


Omonia Youth FC’s recent match reports tell a story of determination, growth, and triumph on the football field. These young athletes, under the guidance of dedicated coaches, are not only showcasing their skills but also embodying the spirit of teamwork and perseverance. Omonia Youth FC continues to be a source of pride for the community, offering a platform for aspiring footballers to flourish.


Should you feel enthused and want to know more about Omonia Youth FC, you can contact the club at, via the contact page on the club’s website, as well as following the club on X @OmoniaYouthFC, Facebook @OmoniaYouthFC and Instagram @omoniayouthfc1994.


Written by Ali Emir on 06 Nov