Omonia Youth FC Showcases Triumphs, Challenges, and Remarkable Team Spirit (26/11)

November 28, 2023

Omonia Youth FC, a community football club sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd., witnessed a weekend filled with exhilarating matches, demonstrating the versatility and talent of its diverse teams. From spectacular victories to challenging defeats, the club’s players exhibited commendable teamwork and determination. Let’s take a look at the dynamic match reports that encapsulate the essence of Omonia Youth FC’s contests this week.


Inconsistencies Dent Omonia Youth U16 Girls’ Campaign: In a challenging Hertfordshire Girls Football Partnership League (HGFPL) match, Sophia Karanicholas and Samuel Arthur’s U16 girls team suffered a 0-2 defeat. The absence of key players presented tough circumstances, impacting the team’s morale and confidence. Despite the setback, players like Georgia and Temi, recognised as Players of the Match for their relentless pressing, showcased resilience.

The team’s versatility, developed through strategic rotation in previous years, proved essential. Though the result may not reflect their potential, the coaches emphasised the positive aspect of having players capable of handling multiple positions. Despite inconsistency and frequent absences affecting their league standing, the coaches remain committed to fostering a positive learning environment for the players – the focus on continuous improvement, acknowledging the challenges and moving forward with valuable lessons learned.


Omonia Youth FC U18 Silver player Alex, one of our many club members who regularly officiate games, this time reffing one of the U9 matches


Dynamic Display by Omonia Youth FC U18 Gold Secures Thrilling 4-3 Victory: In a captivating Watford Friendly League (WFL) match, Savva Zavros and David Poncia’s Omonia Youth FC U18 Gold claimed a thrilling 4-3 win – Ky, Nathan, and Isaac each contributed with goals, showcasing a relentless offensive approach. Despite a couple of fortuitous goals for the opposition, the lads maintained composure and created numerous chances. Player of the match, Alex, played a pivotal role in the team’s spirited performance. The victory reflected the team’s commitment to dynamic play and offensive prowess.


Dominant Display as Omonia Youth FC Men II Prevail 8-0: Omonia Youth FC Men Second team continued their impressive form, extending their unbeaten streak with a commanding 8-0 victory in the Barnet Sunday Football League (BSFL). Building on last week’s standout cup performance, the team asserted control right from kick-off, securing an early 1-0 lead within the first 5 minutes. Throughout the match, disciplined play and effective communication were key, allowing players like Louis L, Franco, and Alex, returning from injury, to exhibit their goal-scoring prowess. The team’s cohesive defence thwarted opposition attacks, denying clear-cut chances. With consistent top-notch performances, the Men II team reaffirms their winning ways week after week.

Omonia Men II team talk



Omonia Youth FC U15 White Triumph with Convincing 5-0 Victory in U15 Challenge Cup: In their U15 Challenge Cup match, under the leadership of Kyri Eleftheriou and Myri Demetriou, Omonia Youth FC U15 White displayed a dominant performance, securing a commendable 5-0 win. The Player of the Match honour was bestowed upon Charlie, who proved to be a penetrative force on the left wing, netting two goals. Additionally, Andre and Lewis delivered strong performances, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Facing potential challenges with injuries and absences, the boys stepped up admirably. The first half witnessed effective passing and improved positioning, resulting in Charlie’s well-deserved goal. However, a hint of complacency crept in, leading to a dip in teamwork and missed opportunities.

A halftime discussion spurred a renewed focus and determination in the second half. The team established improved football, with excellent movement, sharper passing, and abundant goal-scoring opportunities. Charlie secured another goal with a remarkable shot from an acute angle, while Andre also displayed clinical finishing with two goals and Kordian’s energetic display was rewarded with a well-deserved goal.


Defeat Despite Goal Feast for Omonia Youth FC Men First Team: Chris Gregoriou’s Omonia Youth FC Men I team faced a challenging 4-5 loss in their BSFL match, despite Yianni Polycarpou’s impressive hat-trick and Solos Souris adding one more. The team struggled on an uneven pitch, facing an opposition eager to upset.

Casual play and overconfidence proved costly, particularly exemplified by conceding four times from set-pieces. The defensive lapses continued into the second half, with a late goal sealing the defeat. Too many free kicks and corners surrendered proved to be the deciding factors on a challenging day for the Men I team.

Omonia Men I team hat-trick scorer – Yianni Polycarpou



Omonia Youth FC U14 Green Girls Secure 3-0 Victory: Demi Shiamishis and Vas Soteriou’s U14 Green girls triumphed with a 3-0 win in their Girls Super League (GSL) match. The team fought tenaciously, securing a two-goal lead before halftime through Melina and Amelia.

With a comfortable cushion in the second half, the girls played with more composure, utilising the larger 9-a-side pitch format to their advantage. Despite dominating possession and creating several chances, they managed to net just one more goal, sealing a decisive victory.

Omonia U14 Green girls team



Solid Teamwork Shines in Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver’s WFL Contest: In their WFL match, Kyri Karaiskakis’ U8 Silver team showcased exceptional teamwork. The boys displayed unity both in attack and, notably, in a crucial defensive moment where a two-man clearance off the line demonstrated their collective effort. Improved passing accuracy and sound decision-making throughout the pitch contributed to their progress. The coach’s confidence to seamlessly rotate positions underscored Coach Kyri’s belief in the team’s strengths, distinctly their versatility.

Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver team celebrate with Coach Kyri



Commanding Victory for Omonia Youth FC U13 Green in WFL Match: Under the guidance of Jack Markou, Andy Stavrou, and Manos Hadjimanolis, Omonia Youth FC U13 Green secured a dominant 8-1 win in their WFL match. The boys put on a stellar footballing display, implementing their training lessons effectively. Notably, their communication and awareness, both on and off the ball, displayed significant improvement. The coaches expressed immense pride in the team’s dedicated effort and growing skills on the pitch.


Clinical Omonia Observe 5-1 Victory in Middlesex Cup Encounter: In a Middlesex Cup clash, Nick Paraskeva and George Agrotis’ Omonia Youth FC U13 White exhibited a brilliant performance, securing a 5-1 win. Despite arriving with 10 players due to illness and injuries, the team faced an improved and determined opponent. Every player stepped up, contributing both defensively and offensively to comfortably clinch the victory. Standout performances included goals from Roman, Adam, and Alex, while Christoforo scored twice, earning himself the Player of the Match accolade. The team’s precise passing and superbly executed goals made for an impressive display on the pitch.


Impressive Comeback Sees Omonia Youth FC U13 Gold Secure 3-2 Victory: George Constantinou and Andrew Demetriou’s U13 Gold squad displayed grit in a thrilling 3-2 win in the WFL match. Despite a slow start and an early 1-0 deficit, the team found their rhythm, orchestrating beautiful football between the front three. Mal, Aiden, and Camilo each contributed a goal to secure the impressive comeback. Despite missing key players, including the goalkeeper, the second half saw a continuation of the dominant performance, creating numerous chances and maintaining a robust defence. A commendable display left Coaches George and Andrew proud of the team’s collective effort.


Omonia Youth FC U11 Girls Exhibition Match as Club Celebrates Growth with Inception of New Girls Team: Ali Emir and Tony Sylvan’s U11 White Wildcats engaged in an internal friendly against the newly formed Omonia Youth FC U11 Green girls team, marking a significant milestone in Omonia’s growth, and Women’s Football in general.

Despite the cold and muddy conditions, the girls embraced the challenge, showcasing a spirited and competitive performance until the final whistle. The match provided a valuable experience for players with varying levels of ability, as they were randomly mixed into teams. It was heartening to witness the girls coming together, demonstrating effective teamwork and adaptability in their collective effort on the pitch.

Omonia U11 Wildcats White with friendly opponents – the newly formed U11 Green girls team



Omonia Youth FC’s diverse teams demonstrated a spectrum of emotions on the field, from triumphs to challenges, embodying the true spirit of football. The commitment, resilience, and continuous improvement showcased by the players and coaches reflect a promising future for Omonia Youth FC. The club’s journey is a testament to the positive impact of community football, fostering growth and camaraderie among its members.


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Written by Ali Emir on Mon 27 Nov 2023