The Teams

We have XX teams over XX age groups, playing across various leagues and tournaments in North London.

The Squad

Private: Leo Pascalides
Private: Leo Pascalides
Private: Matthew Panayiotou
Private: Matthew Panayiotou
Private: Luca Kyrillou
Private: Sebastian Mandrides
Private: Asante Appau
Private: Nicholas Nicolaou
Private: Edris Saeed
Private: Ivalylo Veselinov
Private: Elias Cormican
Private: Carey Kirton
Private: Christopher Vachou
Private: Omatseye Thompson
Private: Georgio Christodoulou
Private: Escobar Kehinde
Private: Luke Kyriacou
Private: Ryan McGill
Private: Emilio Milazzo

Team manager(s):

Under 14 Gold Under 14 Gold

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